oversized abstract paintings for sale

more than 50 contemporary artworks from 2,8 sqm created by Peter Nottrott 

We all have passions and talents. A big passion of mine is creating oversized abstract paintings by  the composing of colors and shapes. On the left I paint "Gate To Heaven XXXL 1". 

Take a look around my website and find out more about my contemporary artworks (and the artist). 
I hope you'll enjoy the hugh exhibition ...

Peter Nottrott paints the oversized 3,5 sqm artwork Gate for Heaven XXXL 1
artist peter nottrott

Large selection of large contemporary artworks

More than 50 oversized paintings are ready to be seen and enjoyed. Most are positive, power- and colorful,  some have less hues and a more quiet appearance. Most are abstract, some are semi abstract... - You can find out what suits you and what you like. 

I love to paint

Here you can find some information about my person, my passion, my studio and where to find me in the world of art. My art is my passion and motivates me to paint nearly every day. It allows me to grow with the many new challenges it presents and thus enables me to achieve new goals.

oversized abstract artwork by the artist Peter Nottrott

Oversized artworks for sale

Most of the large abstract paintings measure 240 x 150 cm (some are even larger). This big size is the premier class: XXXL. Such a extra large picture has a correspondingly large impact and enriches the space where it hangs: whether in your private living room as well as in a conference room or foyer. Monumental abstract wall art. 


Abstract painting 

Abstract paintings are characterized by the representation of the non-objective. In an abstract painting, feelings, moods and thoughts are expressed in the artwork through non-representational colors and shapes. Anyone who buys an abstract painting has usually found a work of art for themselves that invites them to look at it again and again and triggers corresponding feelings, thoughts and moods. Abstract artwork speaks to the emotional side, possibly supplemented by the rational side. Abstract artwork is always unique, and therefore the connection to each abstract painting is different. Finding the abstract painting that suits your personality can make you happy.

 Release Now XXXL 1


colorful abstract large art for sale by the artist Peter Nottrott

Release Now XXXL is one of my own favourites:
Size: 240  x 150 cm   | Material: acrylic on canvas
The price normally: 12.250 USD
Special Offer Price: 9.999 USD

New arrival from my Studio:

Joyful Symphony XXXL 1

published 2024 / 05 / 27;    

colorful abstract large art for sale by the artist Peter Nottrott

Size: 240  x 150 cm   |   Material: acrylic on canvas
The price : 10.990 USD

 On this canvas the paint has just dried... More details of the artwork and further informations: 

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