About Peter Nottrott

 « I want to paint color symphonies: 

always alive, always full of energy and always positive. » 

Some of my steps on my journey to being an artist:


  •    born in  1962 in Nübelfeld / Flensburg / Germany

My father has certainly contributed significantly to the fact that I am an artist today. He was very creative and wanted to become an artist himself, but because of the greater difficulties at the time, he decided on another creative career an became a pastor. He also encouraged a lot of creativity in his family and supported creativity in his children. My desire to become an artist really started to grow between the ages of 16 and 18 and painting played an increasingly important role in my life, and eventually led to creating the first small income. 

  •  studied at the private artschool “JAK” in Hamburg / Germany

During this time I dealt intensively with the techniques of painting, tried them out, refined them and at the same time enjoyed the exchange with other artists.

  •  worked since 1987 as a full time freelance artist 

I have found my focus in abstract painting. I have had my own website already since 1999, and I have been able to continuously expand my presence on the internet with the help of various international art marketplaces. 

  •  now lives Flensburg / north of Germany at the baltic sea

My studio is in the heart of Flensburg, in the main pedestrian zone. In the meantime I can look back with the sense of satisfaction on a large number of painted pictures and a total of over 1000 sold pictures (including smaller formats) in over 35 countries: many thanks to everyone who is or was involved! 

You are cordially invited to take a look over my shoulder as I paint a picture in my studio.....

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An important ritual before starting to paint is to share coffee with my friend from the neighbouring studio who is a goldsmith. When I’m painting, I like to listen to meditative music, which is also essential to my creative process. In addition, I attach great importance to a positive, quiet studio atmosphere. When I feel well and balanced in the studio, I can focus all my energy and creativity into painting. I love it especially to paint larger pictures – my largest works are up to 10 sqm. Also, it is important that there is always something good to snack on in the studio.


I try not to let distractions such as appointments, phone calls and those annoying everyday tasks get in the way of my creative process. All this disturbs my feeling of freedom so that my paintings can end up look less dynamic, energetic and positive.  
For me, the essential creative freedom is to be in my large, beloved atmospheric studio. The brushes and paints ready, a large white canvas in front of me. I love being completely immersed in painting – there I lose all track of time and of my surroundings. It is almost like being in a trance-like state. This type of freedom makes it possible for me to incorporate as much dynamic strength and positive energy as possible into my painting. 

Actually, my paintings say more than words can express

 A great vitality, combined with a lot of positive energy, runs like a red thread through my pictures.

Gate Of Heaven XXXL 1

Sharing this with the viewers gives me joy and motivates me to paint.

Red Daydream XXXL 1

The great variety of colors and the extreme large formats are distinctive features of my painting as well as a statement.


Abstract Energy XXXL

For example, what others say about me:

A fine comment:

 Sara F.: "I am in love with Blue Symphony XL 6.  I could happily sit in front of that painting for hours on end.  It's exciting yet calming.  The yellows, golds and reds leap out in a celebration of joy while the blues draw my eyes down to the melody of colors beneath.  That melody slowly brings my eyes down to the sea of calming blues. It's stunning. " 

A fine review:

T. S.: "Truly magnificent. This is our 3rd piece by Peter. This oversized painting arrived packaged in an incredibly secure custom wooden box -- making the trip from Germany to the US a breeze." 

An other fine review:

C. C.:"Outstanding. It’s a daunting experience parting with a large wedge of money on a piece you’ve never seen in person and I’ve always been reticent. This experience has settled this fear and I am very pleased indeed. The painting itself is amazing. Peter is a gent in his communications. Packaging was fit for the the Mona Lisa! Top service, 5 star. Thanks all!" 

 I know I'm characterized as a person with.. 

maybe not the best skills in clean up, 

a great inner strength and stability,
a good strategist
a very remarkable creativity,
a lively, individual painting style, 
an extraordinary persistence -