Where to find "Peter Nottrott" in the world of art

People from over 35 countries already have more than 1000 of my paintings ( including smaller artworks than the XXXL format) hanging on their walls, be it in a living room in the United Arab Emirates or in an office in the USA, in a foyer in the United Kingdom or in a bedroom in Germany. On the map below, each flag indicates a painting sold in the country. 

directly from the studio of the artist Peter Nottrott

There are an amazing number of flags! I would like to take this opportunity to thank everyone who contributed and especially the many people who bought an artwork.

The people who help me with advice and support also deserve a big thank you, as do my sales-promoting partners. I would like to briefly introduce 6 of these large portals, scattered on 3 continents:

Saatchi Art 

Saatchi's slogan is " The World's leading online gallery" - and I've been a very satisfied member of the Saatchi community since 2015 with a large number of international sales of my paintings. Saatchi Art is based in California / USA and has 94 K artists, representing 110 countries (2023). 


The UK based art marketplace has a mission to create a better art world for 7000 artists
  ( 2023).  In the 8 years of working with Artfinder, I have not only been able to look forward to many sales, I have also repeatedly received the proud news of being among the bestsellers. 


Shortly after the start of Singulart in 2017, as an artist well represented there, I was able to experience how quickly an art platform from Paris / France with an initially family character soars to the international art level.


Founded in 2019 and based in Singapore, RTistiQ want to use innovative technologies like blockchain and more to improve the art market.


For over 20 years, the French art marketplace has given contemporary artists the opportunity to present and sell their artworks. I've been a part of Artmajeur since 2016 -  and I like it very much, together we managed several projects, for example, makeing a video or creating a double-sided catalog presentation. 

ars mundi

The renowned "House of art" from Germany is celebrating its 75th anniversary and is characterized by very good, personal cooperation. Between works of art by such big names as Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh or Friedensreich Hunderwasser, there have also been selected works of mine on offer since 2021. 

Smaller Nottrott paintings

In case you prefer smaller paintings to purchase directly my studio, you can find a selection of more than 1000 paintings on my other website www.abstractpaintingsnottrott.com. There you will find the smallest format "S - painting": that means 39.4" h x 27,6" w x 1.5" d  or  100 x 70 x 4 cm.
These are predominately abstracts, but you will also find  seascape and landscape artworks. 

Maritime Nottrott paintings

In case you prefer semi abstract maritime paintings to purchase directly from my studio, you can find a selection of about 250 paintings on my other website www.sailingartnottrott.com. There you will find motifs inspired by the sea, for example waves, sailing regatta, sail boats or seascapes. Some artworks are small, others large, mainly horizontal, some are vertical. 

My Newsletter: Whispers from the studio

I sent out the first newsletter "Whispers from the studio" in April 2023. My newsletter will be published about three to four times a year, in which I will present either one of my favorite paintings, one of my motifs in variations or one of my painting formats and talk about something from the world of art, e.g. about abstract art, Vincent van Gogh, a color, etc....  Smaller formats than XXXL is included. I look forward to your registration. 


 "Yes, sign me up....":