Release Now XXXL 1

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About this contemporary artwork: 

The painting takes its title into account: "Release Now" - now releasing the power of colors, in this case yellow, beige, brown, pink, purple, magenta, red, orange, green, blue and white. Loose and relaxed, the detailed center appears against a background in predominantly beige shades, which was made flatter to emphasize the colorful center.
Since Peter Nottrott implements a very dynamic and individually developed painting technique, this artwork has a great positive aura and vitality. 

About the Making of Release Now XXXL 1

3 snapshots as an insight from the creation of the painting in my studio: 

One of my artistic guiding principles:

 « I want to paint color symphonies: always alive, always full of energy and always positive. » 

Oversized painting: 94.5 "w x 59.1 "h x 1.5"d

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240 x 150 x 4 cm   
3,6 m² 
ca 8 kg 


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Release Now XXXL 1 is painted with professional grade acrylic paint on gallery back wrapped stretched canvas and ready to hang. This painting

  • is unique
  • is original
  • is handmade 
  • is signed and dated on the front by myself...Peter Nottrott / 2019
  • comes with a signed certificate of authenticity. 

About shipping

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The painting is safely packed in a large and sturdy wooden crate. The shipping will usually be handled by DHL Express.  

No additional shipping costs.  

Please be aware, in case your country is not in the EU, you may be liable to pay any import taxes or custom fee ( e. g. United Kingdom: 5 %).  

Further Informations:

Example of the signed certificate of authenticity

 Example of the back of a stretched painting: The canvas has been securely tacked onto the frame 

Example of a safely packaged stretched painting

Featured artwork: 

From the Singulart E-mail in August 2020 : 
"Congratulations! Your work " Release Now XXL 1 " was selected to appear in this collection: French Version of our Catalog" - signed by Véra Kempf, co-founder - responsible curator

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